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04 December 2009 @ 03:02 am

Me, zheng, hj > hello we're at a party.

Obsession: Tripp Van Der Bilt and Waffle Cones
Okay weird combo but i like.
11 November 2009 @ 10:18 pm
 Harrow sparrow, i is finish.

i don’t really feel the thrill of the end as much as i expected it to be. i know, such a fucking downer but really the moment was so ephemeral and then you’re like OKAY MOVE ON ALREADY.

I just went to the library and borrowed books and i am GONNA READ MY ASS OFF, okay nerdfest for you lah, but that’s a huge fun fair for me. Yes, i’ve waited 39048093248329084 lightyears to read criminal thrillers and chicklit books. Lightyear is not even a quantity measuring time, its distance so my bad.

imma watch all ten seasons of friends, all seven seasons of gilmore girls, the big bang theory and TRUE BLOOD SEASON THREE FASTERFASTER COME OUT. Alexander Skarsgard is pretty darn fine I must say.

OH, manipedi definitely I need to stop picking on the sides of my nails, they’re horrendouzzzzzz.

I’m gonna sew my ass off, I NEED TO BUY FABRIC CB.

OKAY DONE, my blogging spark just got extinguished


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30 October 2009 @ 11:25 pm
HELLO PLEASE SHUT UP THANK YOU. OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT, I'LL PASS YOU THE DUCT TAPE TOMORROW THANK YOU. ON SECOND THOUGHT, YOU MIGHT WANT A MEGA STAPLER AND CONTACT GLUE AND A STRONG PADLOCK. I don't think that's enough. Ohoh, I'm so malicious. Okay bye, im done revising all the sec four social studies themes. HUMANITIES IS THE SEX. And I don't have to do math anymore because IM DONE WITH EMATH AND AMATH. Good riddance, okay bye fo' real.

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23 September 2009 @ 12:48 pm
Post prelim/pre o levels/post puasa lunch/dinner/linner/dunch. Call it whatever you want, the eight of us who went to Seoul Garden and forked out fifteen, went back full and satisfied. That's a plus. But the not so good part (not good at all in fact) is that we went around Bugis smelling like bbq'd food.

And I believe no one would find that appealing in any way at all. The smell kinda clung to our clothes and all. Moreover, going around in a group ups the concentration. So yah, pretty obvious to the noses of the people around us. 

So, how shall I put this. We were early or they were late? Okay, let's just make it seem as if me and rachel lam were the good people in this situation, they were late. L-A-T-E. Okay fine we were earlehhhhh. e-a-rrr-l-eee-hhhhhhhhhh.

Is it me or is it that Bugis Junction had no places for us to sit and wait, THATS A MAJOR PART OF SHOPPING, SIT AND WAIT. Like, nada places. And Food Junction seemed like a good place to sit down and complain about our imaginary friend Jimmy, who's taking a long time to bring us back food, while people walk pass so it doesnt seem like we're hogging seats. SOMEBODY SAY SMART.

Imagine how aggravated we were, Jimmy, who doesnt exist at all, was taking a really long time. Oh we did felt bad for the people who were looking for vacant seats, but so were our butts thank you. Rachel Lam was extremely elated that she could fit snuggly into my jacket, OH THAT MEANS SOMETHING YES.

On the other hand, there were remnants of food and kopi on the table from the previous table user, so it upped the reliability of our claim involving Jimmy. It looked like we were done eating, yes.

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET... when you have a headband witchu in a cafeteria WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

And thus, the conversation leads to certain trademarks like Rachel Lam's crocodile hair accesories and scarves. My jackets/sweaters/cardigans to fill the emptiness of a free arm (though it gets pretty irritating at times)


I tried butting in but my face didnt appear.

Oh holy smokes, what pink thing lands here. Oh its Gary and he's solo. AND THAT LEADS TO MAXIMUM WAITING TIME. GEEZ.

So we spoke to the staff before that concerning the price and time of our linner/dunch and it was not easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. LINNER/DUNCH IS A VERY COMPLEX IDEA. Oh come on, everyone knows that you must have something in between! Why is it that when you have BRUNCH you dont have DUNCH? 

Okay, my blogging spark is dying out. I'm itching to watch Jon And Kate Plus 8!

Nisa S.
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21 September 2009 @ 06:49 pm

Random happening of the day: So i was watching tv with my younger brother when the mitsubishi fridge ad came on that has uv light inside so our veggies will be fresh and all, so my younger brother suddenly voiced out,

'Senang senang beli fridge abeh letak torch light kat dalam!'
Translated: "To make things easier, just buy a fridge and put torch light inside."

My throat is sore from all the carbonated drinks at every single house I visit. NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FOOD THOUGH, DAMN SEX. And I have two papers tmr and lunch/dinner with the lovely Tenth Conspiracy.


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alliteration - fucking fitch << oh that dont mean nothing.

I find it hard to accept that this was taken around sixty days ago.

yup, we're pretty frank.


oh, new word 'ficking' whoopsy fingers dont dance well on the keyboard once you' ve hit the books too much. what is wrong with people nowadays, trying to pick up a fight and act all tough oh well, whatever her name is IM SMARTER THAN YOU! That's definitely a plus point. Okay cut to the point, I've been itching to blog about squeaky shoes. Yeap, those things that make the most horrendous sound on the feet of little toddlers. WHAT ARE PARENTS PUTTING ON THEIR CHILDREN'S FEET! And just because your child wears crocs, doesnt mean you have to match them and look all cute. Oh whoops, inspiration just flew right out of my fingertips, my movie's done downloading.


Nisa S.

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11 September 2009 @ 10:24 pm
Welcome to the gang, someone's sixteen. Any thrill? Yeap, for the first few minutes after the clock strikes twelve. After that you're just like, heck i'm sixteen, whoopsy just a number lets get a move on with life, kids! Definite pluses would be NC16 flicks but please, do we sixteens look like we have time to catch a flick in the midst of papers? And the big deal lasts up until the end of the year when all your peers turn sixteen as well.

Then you look around and you're like, 'oh look everyone's sixteen, next year's not a big deal as well, seventeen's just seventeen.' and whoever coined the term 'sweet sixteen' must be a genius. i was totally on the brink of tooth decay yesterday when cherrybum brought me out for macaroons, fudge, salted caramel and vanilla oreo cupcakes. i swear 'sweet' is such an understatement, i was on cloud 93849038439284 a million times. sweet as fuck.

random fact, amy winehouse is awesome but she's waf. 'why dontchu come on over valerieeeeehhhhh.' so, all in all sixteen's not really a big deal. sixteen is just sixteen, though it sounds ultimately catchy, sixteen xsixteen sixteeen. sounds so much better than fifteen<<such a mouthful sheeshshshsh. okay stop.

k bye

something to rub into the faces of my minors while the moment lasts - IM SIXTEEN AND YOU'RE NOT k bye.
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30 August 2009 @ 01:11 am
I might just be in for the uncanny resemblance and sultry eyes. Shit. Stupid Andrei Arshavin.

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So here's the deal, the game of soccer is not as easy as 'the- ball-go-inside-goalpost-then-score-liao'. Everyone knows about tense rivalries and transfer ins and outs. But you see what keeps girl fans going is the question, the game or the players. Well, let me enlighten you. We keep these two in mind but not at the same time, and that is the opposite of what people assume. Like, 'Oh, she only likes the watch the hot guys run around chasing a ball.' That's where you're wrong. The love of the game itself its there, its there, fret not. I'm in a position where one might assume I'm a traitor. I support Manchester United, yet I go around drooling over Andrei Arshavin of Arsenal. THATS LIKE FORBIDDEN. No, keep in mind they're separate. The game is the game. But when a hot player appears on the screen, we tend to shift to the hormonal side, 'OH HOT GUY!' Okay then you switch back again. Occasionally, these two functions clash but most of the time its one or the other. So, dont assume that we're only in for the dudes. We're keeping our eyes only on one ball, mind you, well, most of the time at least.

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